The Knowledge on natural beings according to Thomas Aquinas


Lorella Congiunti


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 63, Issue 148 (july-december), 2014, pages 301-315




The reflection on the meaning of the term “nature” is particularly important in the context of knowledge on natural beings and this topic maintains a distinctive relevance to the present day.
This contribution only attempts to clarify the meaning of the term nature in the works of Thomas Aquinas, and to particularly explain the two fundamental meanings proposed in the Summa Theologiae: nature as essence and nature as a whole of material things. It will then seek to analyse how Aquinas describes the presence of phenomenon as it happens by chance within the context of the natural order. This also serves as an illustration of the usefulness of a correct comprehension of what natural can mean.

Key words:

Nature, natural order, universe, case



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