Ethics and neglect of publication:

The scientific journal ESPÍRITU is committed to the highest normative standards of academic disclosure, and proof of this are these lines on ethics and negligence in its publications.

Both ESPÍRITU and all the authors involved in each of the issues guarantee the originality of the texts, and that they have not been plagiarized or copied in part or in their entirety from other sources. The articles will be scientific, objective, duly argued, and with due recognition to all the sources used. In no case may texts that have already been published or are part of a similar process be submitted.

The editor of Espíritu guarantees the confidentiality of authors who wish to submit their texts for subsequent approval, as well as discretionary treatment for both accepted and rejected texts. In both cases, the authors will be informed in good time prior to publication of the journal. ESPÍRITU is committed to a fair evaluation of the texts submitted for publication.

Articles are submitted to a blind review by two or more members of the Editorial Board, who evaluate each manuscript separately, ensuring maximum objectivity and neutrality in the process. Any suspicious practice must be reported immediately to the editor of the journal, the highest guarantor of the good functioning of ESPÍRITU, who will proceed to apply the corresponding sanctions