Cristóbal Orrego


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 71, Issue 164, 2022, pages 341-366




The problem of representation is discussed in the context of the hermeneutic turn in legal and political philosophy. In particular, the different outcomes of two differing forms of legal hermeneutics (i.e., nihilistic and ontological connected to the Aristotelian and Thomistic tradition) are presented in relation to the controversial interpretations of “identity politics.” In the end, there is a discussion of a crux problem in order to determine which of the two conflicting traditions is the better candidate for proposing a just way to fulfill the need of radically modifying the myth of representation in the postmodern situation.

Key words:

Hermeneutic turn, political representation, legal representation, identity politics, totalitarianism.


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