Natural order and chance in Thomas Aquinas’ Thought


Lorella Congiunti


Espíritu: cuadernos del Instituto Filosófico de Balmesiana, ISSN 0014-0716, Year 66, Issue. 154, 2017, pages 303-323




This study analyzes the notion of order in Thomas Aquinas’ texts. The natural order is different from the mathematical one, and is related to contingency, multiplicity, graduality. Such a notion of order is not in contradiction with the reality of chance, but confirms it. In fact, chance is perceivable since it is a lower degree of order. If it were total disorder, chance could not be perceived.
Chance can only be explained in theological perspective. For St. Thomas, Providence requires chance. For God nothing is casual, but for human beings chance is the space of human freedom and God’s gifts.

Key words:

Order, chance, universe, causality.


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