Sebastián Buzeta Undurraga and Igor Salomão Teixeira


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 72, Nº. 165, 2023, pages 241-259




We seek to combine relevant reflections on Philosophy and History to think about the theory of historical knowledge according to Thomas Aquinas. The first question of the Summa Theologiae is used here as a central axis for the development of the theologian’s arguments on this subject, precisely because it deals with the scientific nature of the biblical historical accounts that are later used as a foundation by the sacred doctrine. Also, as a central argumentative line, the reflection of Francisco Canals Vidal will be placed on this subject because it seems to us one of the most faithful interpretations of Aquinas. In the present article it is tried, therefore, to analyze the foundation of said tomasian arguments and elucidate the epistemological status of historical knowledge from the philosophical-theological argumentation and therefore recognize, from the thought of Aquinas, if history is a science or not.

Key words:

history, science, epistemological status, Thomas Aquinas, knowledg


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