Providence in St. Albert the Great


David Torrijos-Castrillejo


Espíritu: cuadernos del Instituto Filosófico de Balmesiana, ISSN 0014-0716, Year 66, Issue. 154, 2017, pages 275-302




In these pages, we expose the main traits of the doctrine of providence of Saint Albert the Great, according to his systematic works, mainly his Summa of Theology. His discussion follows clearly the guidelines of the Summa of Alexander of Hales, in order to delve into the set of problems faced by theological tradition over the centuries. Albert also restates the reflections of different authors like Boethius or Saint John of Damascus and he gives his personal solution to the complex questions of providence, destiny and contingency of the world.

Key words:

Free will, fate, contingency and necessity, evil.


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